Parquet boards

Parquet boards or so-called rustic floor is large-sized solid parquet. Since the large parquet element is made of a single piece of wood, this is an exclusive product, very popular in interior decoration of exclusive spaces.

Thickness: 20 mm
Length: 600 – 2000 mm
Width: 120, 150, 180 mm
- a hit in interior decoration
- suitable for large and exclusive spaces
- highlights the beauty of wood
- enables multiple sanding
- a reliable product for long-term use
- the possibility to apply different colors and finishes

Parquet board grading

Oak NI (natur I)

Oak NII (natur II)

Oak R (rustic)

Oak RM (rustic M)

DESCRIPTIONOak NI (natur I)Oak NII (natur II)Oak R (rustic)Oak RM (rustic M)
Sound knots max. 2 knots per 1 meter of board up to 15 mm size max. 2 knots per 1 meter of board up to 50 mm size permitted permitted
Open knots not permitted max. 2 knots per 1 meter of board up to 10 mm size permitted permitted
Fissures smaller front permitted smaller front and surface- bound permitted front and surface- bound up to 0,5 mm wide permitted permitted
Colour variation small deviations permitted medium deviations permitted permitted permitted

Photo display may not completely reflect the appearance of the product.

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