Installation instruction

Parquet is made of natural material – wood – and is therefore naturally inclined to deformation in uncontrolled climatic conditions and changes in color under the impact of light. This is why special attention should be paid to air temperature and relative humidity at all stages of laying and maintenance.

- It is recommended to store parquet boxes in a dry indoor area at a temperature between 18 and 20 °C and relative humidity between 50 and 65%.

- Parquet moisture should be between 7 and 11% in relation to absolutely dry wood.

- Parquet boxes should not be exposed to direct effects of sunlight and other atmospheric factors, should not be placed directly on a cement floor and it is recommended to open them immediately before laying.

- The surface (screed) on which parquet is laid should be dry and even, not too smooth, solid, clean and free of cracks.

- Before laying the parquet, ensure that the room temperature is between 15 and 20 °C, the relative humidity between 50 and 65%, and the moisture less than 2%.

- The screed must be separated from the wall using 1 cm thick styrofoam to prevent the transition of moisture from the wall into screed.

- After laying and before surface treatment, parquet should be left to adapt to its environment for 5 – 18 days (depending on the type and quality of glue), after which you can proceed with finishing, grinding, filling spaces and varnishing.

- Avoid finishing during rain or fog, or at low temperatures.