About us

DIN Novoselec was built on the foundations of a sawmill dating back to 1929. Due to the vicinity of high-quality raw material, primarily Slavonian oak (lat: Quercus Robur), DIN soon started its parquet and furniture production.

Creating such demanding final products would be impossible without excellent knowledge of wooden material and wood processing technology. This is why DIN has every reason to be proud of its employees who have been using their knowledge and skills for decades to create high-quality products.

The insistence on high quality determinates DIN’s business. As the entire production process takes place within the production plant in Novoselec (including log acceptance and sawing, plank drying and listing and treating wooden elements to a fine finish of the final product), we are able to implement systematic quality control of the entire process. During the flooring production process, we pay special attention to drying and precise tailoring of elements and on parquet classification. Solid furniture production is entirely based on well- known designers’ concepts. By using modern technology, reliable fittings and finishing treatments, we create products of high aesthetic and functional value.

Immanent control of production process guarantees high level of quality our customers are accustomed to. On both domestic and international markets DIN enjoys a reputation of a reliable partner and therefore it has been one of the most successful Croatian woodworking industries for over 80 years. DIN employs more than 200 people, its production capacity is 35,000 m3 of logs and 500,000 m2 of parquet flooring, and it exports more 90% of all furniture and approximately 70% of all parquet flooring produced.

Quality of our raw material, products, production processes and business relations are confirmed by ISO 9001:2008 and FSC®certificates.