Arranging options

Parquet flooring is a symbol of refinement and style and the way it is arranged may visually enlarge or diminish a room. Numerous parquet arranging options will satisfy all tastes.


Parquet arranging options:

1. Strip flooring design
2. Diagonally arranged strip flooring design
3. Diagonally arranged strip flooring with stripes in between
4. Horizontal wattle design
5. Diagonal strip flooring design with clashes along the direction
6. Diagonally arranged strip flooring, plank style
7. Fishbone design
8. Fishbone design with three joined planks
9. Fishbone design with two joined planks
10. Fishbone design with uneven planks from different types of wood
11. Diagonal squares with stripes in between
12. Inclining wattle with core squares


Impressions of space that can achieve a variety of laying parquet:





 1. The size of friezes:
panels being smaller, the surface appears to be greater





 2. Between Lines:
as the stripes, the surface appears to be greater






3. Stripe along the wall:
as stripes along the wall less, the surface appears to be greater