Parquet maintenance

Parquet is a natural type of flooring, which can be multiply refurbished and is easy to treat mechanically without losing its natural characteristics.

- The allowed relative humidity in a room is between 50 and 65% and it should be constant both during summer and winter.

- Room humidity levels are significantly lower during the heating season, which results in drying and appearance of joints, which is why we recommend using humidifiers.

- High air temperatures and levels of humidity in spring and summer may cause parquet rising or inward deformation.

- The optimal temperature of a room with parquet flooring is 22 – 22.5 °C.

- Rooms with parquet flooring need to be regularly aired throughout the year to enable air circulation (especially in new buildings).

- Parquet flooring is maintained using parquet care products and cleaned using a floor rag that needs to be thoroughly squeezed.