Why choose DIN furniture?

DIN solid furniture is made primarily of Slavonian oak. The production process, resulting from longstanding experience in wood processing in this region, makes each piece of furniture almost unique, while its finish quality is perceptible in each detail.

A special product such as solid wood furniture requires expertise and quality during the entire process of creation:

1. Design – DIN cooperates with professional and experienced local and international designers, so DIN furniture is available with different traditional or modern lines to cater to different customer tastes, but it always complies with the elementary aesthetic principles.

2. Raw material quality – Oak wood has many functional and technical advantages and all its natural properties (durability, warmth, reliability, style) become apparent if treated properly.

3. Processing – It is important to use reliable production technology to optimize this precious material and provide a high-quality final product.

4. Crafting skill – Wood is a ‘’live’’ material, which is why it requires special attention; it is very important to know the wood and possess skills of its manual processing at all stages of the process.

5. Selected production material – Furniture fittings must be functional, combinations of materials (wood – glass, wood – metal wood – leather) must be aesthetically harmonized, while the finishing (painting, varnishing, treatment) must always be in compliance with the rules of the profession and environmental standards.

DIN offers furniture for living rooms, dens, bedrooms and dining rooms.

We are able to make furniture according to customer’s drawings or we can adapt pieces of existing collection to customer's demands (for example, dimensions, color or finish).