Why choose solid furniture?

Solid furniture is made of solid wood, which makes it an exceptional product of highest quality. The advantages of solid furniture match the advantages of the material itself:

1. Environmentally friendly material – wood is a natural material and when processed carefully, it keeps its environmental properties. Wooden material comes from responsibly managed forests, which is confirmed by a FSC Certificate. The strict environmental demands are followed during processing, which means that the furniture that we produce regulates microclimate and has antiallergic properties in a home, plus – it can be recycled.

2. Longevity – along with all solid wood products, DIN furniture has an exceptionally long lifetime, which is a reflection of its quality, as well as professional processing and performance.

3. Uniqueness – thanks to its highlighted naturalness (annual rings, lumps and knots, lines...), solid wood furniture is special – there aren't two pieces of furniture that are exactly the same.

4. Aesthetics – wood is a beautiful material which is refined through final processing and designer's shaping. Solid furniture remains a reflection of style for generations; it fits all styles of decorations and brings beauty and natural warmth into each space.